What makes Human Inspiration Works, LLC different? Well, our architect in chief is a transgender woman, Ellen “Ellie” Krug, who lived five decades as male before transitioning to female. As a result, Ellie’s learned firsthand what it means to go from one of “us” to one of “them” or “other.” This has given her the ability to share about this in ways that make the listener more aware of their own internal “otherness.”

And speaking of learning, that’s actually what it’s all about: learning, along with unlearning.

Because humans are hardwired to label, sort, and group other humans, and even more tend to associate with people who look or act like them (something we define as tribalism), we have to learn about the hard-wiring for bias that’s part of everyone’s DNA. At the same time, we need to unlearn the fear and bumpiness that come from the idea of interacting with someone who looks, sounds, or acts “different.” Finally, we need to learn tools for how to internally combat our bias.

We’ve got you covered on all of that.

Pivoting from her fairly unique life experience, Ellie’s developed Gray Area Thinking™, a toolset for how to be inclusive of anyone who’s outside your usual (and comfortable) group.

However, our menu of possibilities isn’t confined to just one item.


Ellen (ellie) Krug

Our chief architect, Ellen, (Ellie) Krug (pictured above), has shared the Gray Area Thinking™ toolset with Fortune 100 companies (for example, Target Corp.), top 100 law firms, universities, nonprofits, and other entities. Get to know Ellie at EllieKrug.com


We offer a number of trainings aimed at addressing core issues about inclusivity and why it’s so difficult to be welcoming and inclusive to others who are different from us.

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Sometimes, it helps to have some one-on-one time to better understand concepts and the dollar values that come with making a workplace or organization more inclusive.

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The new workplace normal is having in place a vibrant, working diversity and inclusion plan; in fact, one would argue that the absence of such a plan is a sign of stagnation. We can help.

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At one point or another, all of us have “moments of truth” where we’re faced with critical life choices. The question: what do you do with that choice?

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Also setting Ellie apart is that she’s worn many hats—business owner (Human Inspiration Works, LLC is business No. 3), successful jury trial attorney, nonprofit executive director, columnist, and published writer. Each of these roles has shaped her perspective in ways that help her to be an effective Inclusionist (we like that phrase way better than “diversity and inclusion consultant”).

Consequently, HIW takes a holistic approach with every client. Not only will we train and counsel, but we’ll write copy for your website. Need a brochure to tout your new workplace inclusivity? No problem. Want help setting up social media so as to attract younger (and more inclusive-focused) team members? Yup, we can do that too.

Finally, there’s a reason the word, Inspiration, is in our name.

We believe that it takes inspiration (both from outside and from within) to produce meaningful, lasting change to an organization’s culture so that inclusion isn’t just a flavor of the month.

With Ellie Krug and her team, we’ve got that too.

Again, welcome. We’re here to help. And to inspire.