The new workplace normal is having in place a vibrant, working diversity and inclusion plan; in fact, one would argue that the absence of such a plan is a sign of stagnation. Given that many prospective team members routinely search company websites for signs that diversity and inclusion are valued, the absence of a diversity and inclusion plan can profoundly affect hiring and retention.

In other words, D&I is about money. We can help write (or revise) plan that any company would be proud of.

Do you really know what your team members think relative to how welcoming and inclusive your organization is? We believe that team member surveys are a great way to gain base understandings in about team member attitudes on inclusivity and feeling a part of the larger team.

We can write, administer and report on a survey that may open eyes and inform about needed changes. Or maybe about what you’re doing right.

It’s not enough to simply have a non-discrimination policy stated in the company handbook. If you’ve got a diverse, welcoming and inclusive workplace, tell the world about it. Prospective team members and some customers/clients will find it incredibly important. Let us help you get the right words on paper.

Ellie Krug has assisted with numerous team member on-the-job gender transitions. She’s been consistently praised for her compassionate, common-sense approach to what for many is a confusing and near-impossible situation to navigate.

Have you ever considered contracting out team member interviewing at job fairs or conferences? With Ellie Krug, an organization gets someone who’s obviously diverse and with the experience of having interviewed 1000+ prospective team members in her prior endeavors.