We offer a number of trainings aimed at addressing core issues about inclusivity and why it’s so difficult to be welcoming and inclusive to others who are different from us.

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Have you walked away from unconscious bias trainings thinking, “Thanks but what can I really do about bias?” If so, Gray Area Thinking™ offers a new way of addressing the ways that humans label, sort and group other humans and otherwise engage in tribalism—the preference for others who look or act like us.

Most importantly, Gray Area Thinking™ teaches a toolset (awareness, risk-taking, compassion) that’s easy to grasp and easy to use.


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Persons who are transgender have become far more visible, which is reflective of greater societal acceptance. Still, of the letters in the “LGBTQ alphabet” (lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer), the Ts (transgender persons) often face unique challenges relative to personal relationships, public interactions, employment, and may other things that non-transgender persons (the technical phrase is “cisgender”) take for granted.

With this training, Ellie Krug explains basics about gender identity and expression, what it means to transition genders, and how to be welcoming to a “trans” person in the workplace and in one’s personal life.

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Human Inspiration Works, LLC is pleased to offer The C* Project (Courageous Conversations about Diversity and Inclusion in the Greater Midwest) as part of its focus on changing the way that Midwesterners interact with others who are “different.”

This half-day workshop (longer workshops are possible) is aimed at igniting healthy conversations about how to make a community more welcoming. Using Gray Area Thinking™ as a jumping off point, The C* Project challenges audience/community members to think differently and more openly about what “welcome” and “inclusivity” really mean.

All C* Project workshops include a comprehensive toolset that attendees can use to promote inclusivity within their community. For a full description of this workshop, click here.   

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People often ask Ellie Krug, “What’s it like to go from male to female?” Ellie’s standard answer: “Enlightening.”

The truth is that unless one actually transitions genders, it near impossible to really understand how testosterone controls male thinking and behavior or the ways in which estrogen affects the way females perceive and interact with the world.

Ellie Krug shares her hard-earned perspective of how things are different for women than for men and offers insights into ways that both sexes can be more inclusive.

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