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Such simple words to say, for sure. Yet, putting those words into action is quite another thing.
Human Inspiration Works, LLC takes a different approach to helping organizations become more welcoming and open.
We make "inclusion" an action word™. Learn more >>>

inclusion focused trainings


We offer a number of trainings aimed at addressing core issues about inclusivity and why it’s so difficult to be welcoming and inclusive to others who are "different from us."



The new workplace normal is having in place a vibrant, working diversity and inclusion plan; in fact, one would argue that the absence of such a plan is a sign of stagnation. We can help.



Sometimes, it helps to have some one-on-one time to better understand concepts and the dollar values that come with making a workplace or organization more inclusive.



At one point or another, all of us have “moments of truth” where we’re faced with critical life choices. The question: what do you do with that choice?


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“Inspiration” is part of our name for a reason—true inclusivity springs from those who are inspired to face and act against the hard-wiring of unconscious bias that we all carry.

Human Inspiration Works, LLC's (HIW) architect in chief is a transgender woman, Ellen “Ellie” Krug, who lived five decades as male before transitioning to female. She has a deep understanding of the hard-wiring of unconscious bias. Through that understanding, Ellie is inspired to share her experience with others.

Learn more about Ellie and how inspiration forms the basis of everything we do.

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“Works” perfectly describes our varied menu of quality services.

We offer thought-provoking “inclusionist” trainings, innovative toolkits (Gray Area Thinking™), imaginative copy for brochures, websites and social media, marketing plans to attract top diverse talent, coaching/mentoring, and even contract on-site recruiting.

What better way to convey that your organization is inclusive than to enlist a transgender interviewer?

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