Recently, Ellen (Ellie) Krug architect in chief, took a “speaking road trip” across the middle west to two states–South Dakota and Wyoming–where she has no legal rights as a transgender woman. Her goal was to speak about Gray Area Thinking™, a toolset that we’ve created for how to welcome and accept others who are “different” from “us.”

The biggest takeaway from her 2100 mile trip (other than the beauty of our country) was being reminded of how the vast majority of Americans really want to do the right thing, yet they’re afraid of saying or doing something that would make someone “different” uncomfortable. Ellie’s trip confirmed that it’s absolutely critical that everyone–from the polished banker to the hardworking street department worker–be trained on unconscious bias and on how we can connect with each other by focusing on our commonalities rather than our differences.

You can help! Look for opportunities where I can show up and train on “Gray Area Thinking” and talk about the “Four Commonalities” that all humans share.